The primary address of a student is used to determine the student’s resident school district and/or attendance area school (school of assignment) for students who live in ISD 279-Osseo Area Schools. The student’s primary address is the address of the biological/adoptive parent or other person having court appointed legal custody of the student, regardless of where the student physically lives.

What is my student’s resident school district?

To determine your student’s resident school district, visit or contact the Enrollment Center.

If the student’s resident district is not ISD 279-Osseo Area Schools, the student may apply for an ISD 279 school through the school choice (open enrollment) process.

What is my student’s attendance area (assigned) school?

Each school (except for some magnet schools) has an attendance area that determines the resident students who are assigned to the school. An attendance area is a geographic area surrounding the school.

You can check our online school locator and attendance area maps to find your student’s assigned attendance area school, or call the Enrollment Center for help.